So how are you know if the face wash or scrub is right for your skin type.

Your at home regimen is based on your skin condition.

Are you inflamed or non-flamed, are you normally dry, dehydrated, oily, or combination.

Schedule an consultation in-person or virtual .

Mind & Body Studio

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Mind & Body Studio | Acne Clinic My name is Andrea Campbell from Cleveland, OH. I am a licensed massage therapist and licensed cosmetologist. I owned a boutique spa called Mind & Body Studio located in Mayfield Heights, OH. Also, I offer tutoring and classes offline and online. We offer a wide range of services And products such as relaxation massage, wigs installations, eyelashes, crochet braids, silk press, and waxing. We sell homemade specialty soaps, candles, and scrub. We carry luxurious hair extensions and wigs. Http://

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