We are in this Together Pandemic

Hi Everyone,

Sorry, I haven’t been able to post lately. I had the hardest time trying to post up to date informations and photos. But, Now I am back. I know a lot have been going on over the lasted couple of weeks but we are going to get through it together. As a communities we are #inthistogether with pandemic crisis. Some of us might be feeling overwhelmed, anxiety, stress, frighten but it’s okay.

As weeks go on we will be able to overcome obstacles and learn news things and ideas.

Many of us are force to be #stayathome some of us are still required to work during the pandemic.

My current routine are

Working out
Bike Trail

Also, I enjoyed listening to calming music to help to relax with nice inhale and exhale breathing exercises. What are some nice relaxing music are #spabliss and #spareflection just to name a few. Spotify app is an excellent music resource to use for great music.

I have many great ideas I am currently working on. So Stay tunes. Stay safe and Healthy in enjoy your night.

Published by Mind & Body Studio

Mind & Body Studio | Acne Clinic My name is Andrea Campbell from Cleveland, OH. I am a licensed massage therapist and licensed cosmetologist. I owned a boutique spa called Mind & Body Studio located in Mayfield Heights, OH. Also, I offer tutoring and classes offline and online. We offer a wide range of services And products such as relaxation massage, wigs installations, eyelashes, crochet braids, silk press, and waxing. We sell homemade specialty soaps, candles, and scrub. We carry luxurious hair extensions and wigs. Http://www.mindandbody.studio

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