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Infrared Body Wrap Infrared body wrap is an excellent weekly treatment for weight loss, reducing cellulite, and to help eliminate toxins from the body. In 1 hour you will burn up to 1200 calories and 30 minutes you will burn up to 600 calories. A short time session is good for individuals short on time but a 1 hour session is recommended. Adding a massage session is a great add-on to help break down stagnant tissue if you are getting rid of cellulite and trying to improve skin tone. Always drink plenty of water before the treatments session and after....

9 Types of Tea to Benefit Health


Mind & Body Studio 9 Types of Tea for to Benefit Health9 Types of Tea to help benefits health weight as weight loss, anxiety, increase energy, detoxification, help with anti-aging and much more....#tea #antiaging #promote #health #wellness #educator #education #improvehealth #lifestyle #weightloss #fitness #likeforlikes #love #ohio #mayfield #cleveland

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